A perfume of greenness and charm of an archaic Sicily. A place where time is stopped, where colors and smells mirror the wonder of the landscape. A suspended position between sea and fire. Ancient pink walls and arches, a spontaneous, wild, Mediterranean garden where eight palm-trees sprout on two parallel rows. An oasis where to forget the world, to free the fantasy and to be good between the birds chirping and jasmine effulses. The outside deliberately delabrè, the vibrant, modern interior but with echoes of tradition. A never-ending blend, a constant dialogue between nature and the atmosphere of other times; an incomparable and constant harmony of sounds, colors, perfumes and sensations.

La Canonica degli Archi, an elegant, unusual frame and full of charm for every event.
The variety and typology of usable spaces allow you to always find the formula that best suits your needs. The majestic exterior, the interior spaces of the millstone and the pool, the attention to details will allow you to enjoy an exclusive location for the events.


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